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An easy way to find donors for your patients who need convalescent plasma.

How To Use App In Institution / State ?

A licensed hospital with facilities for plasma donation and transfusion can sign up for our services in their hospital. The institution/hospital will need to share the location, blood bank permit, and list of emails of the doctors taking care of COVID patients.
To use our app in your institution, mail us at [email protected]

How To Use App ?

To be announced.

Frequently Asked Questions!

❱ Can a doctor individually register?

No. Currently there is no way for individual doctors to register with us. The request to register a doctor/ has to come from the institution the doctor is working in.

❱ How will I be informed about a donation?

Every request for plasma generated by you

❱ What is meant by the category ‘Awaited transfusions’?

This contains the list of COVID patients whose request for searching donors has been made by you and you have not yet updated if the patient has received plasma.

❱ What is ‘Completed transfusions’?

This contains the list of patients whose request for plasma was generated following which they received the plasma. You have to manually update the status of a request from ‘Awaited’ to ‘Completed’ category. We strongly advise you to update this as and when the patient receives transfusion.

❱ What is Suspended Cases?

This contains the list of patients whose request for plasma was generated following which the clinical condition improved with other medications and the plan to transfuse convalescent plasma was withheld. If a patient in this category is deemed to require convalescent plasma again, he/she can be shifted to ‘Awaited’ category.

❱ What all information about the patient will I have to share?

Mandatory- Patient’s phone number, Case ID, Blood Group
Optional- Patient’s name

❱ Do I need to take consent before requesting plasma for a patient?

Yes, you are required to take verbal or written consent from the patient before registering the request in our app to share his/her details.The standard consent taking practices in accordance with the law are to be followed.

❱ I am a registered doctor taking care of COVID patients. How can I register to use your app for finding donors?

The doctor’s app is an invite only portal. As a doctor, to register yourself with us you have to contact your hospital administration to send us your details as mentioned in the next question.